Mission Karmayogi

Mission Karmayogi – Full analysis with eligiblity, benifits & other information

The National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (‘NPCSCB’) – Mission Karmayogi
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About Mission Karmayogi

Mission Karmayogi is the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB). It is a reform in Indian Bureaucracy. Union Cabinet launched it on 2nd September 2020 The mission intends to lay down the foundations for the Indian civil servants’ capacity building and aims to enhance governance.

What is iGOT-Karmayogi?

  • It is an Integrated Government Online Training digital platform under the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD). which will deliver capacity building programmes by drawing content from global best practices rooted in Indian national ethos.
  • It will enable a comprehensive reform of the capacity building apparatus at the individual, institutional and process levels.
  • Civil servants will have to take online courses and they will be evaluated based on their courses, their performances in each course they have taken spreading across their span of services.
  • All digital e-learning courses of world-class content will be uploaded on this platform for civil servants.
  • Along with the online courses, services like confirmation after probation period, deployment, work assignment and notification of vacancies etc would also be integrated on the platform.

Scheme Information

Six Pillar of Mission Karmayogi

Mission Karmayogi has the following six pillars:

  1. Policy Framework
  2. Institutional Framework
  3. Competency Framework
  4. Digital Learning Framework
  5. Electronic Human Resource Management System (e-HRMS)
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Idea Behind Mission Karmayogi

Civil services form the backbone of the Indian administration. Any reform taken to enhance the capacity building of the civil services is an important step towards better governance.

Steps to be taken to build the capacity of civil services:

  1. Linking the transformation of work culture
  2. Strengthening public institutions
  3. Adoption of modern technology

Important Facts about Mission Karmayogi

  • It is launched by Union Cabinet
  • It aims to establish the new national architecture for civil services capacity building at individual, institutional and process levels
  • It will cover around 46 lakh central employees between 2020-2025.
  • A special purpose vehicle (SPV) (non-profit company) is set up under the Companies Act 2013 to run this mission.
  • This SPV will manage i-GOT Karmayogi which is the online training digital platform

Source – PIB & Others

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